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Dodgeball Rules

Dodgeball Rules are Here

Basic Rule

Hit an opponent with a ball to get them out. If they catch it, the player that threw the ball is out and they get a player back in. Simple!

Caveat: The ball has not touched any part of the building (net, wall, floor, light fixtures, ceiling, etc)


A catch is valid, as long as the player has both feet in the court when they caught the ball.

Deflections Explained

  • A deflection is using a ball to deflect balls thrown at the player. Deflections are a valid defense.
  • If the ball used for the deflection is dropped as a result of the deflection, the defending playing is out.
  • A player deflecting a ball into themselves means they're out (including deflecting into their own head).
  • Deflecting a ball into someone else does not get them out, however they match catch it, resulting in a catch.

Maintaining Control during Deflections and Catches

If a player loses control of any balls in their possession while deflecting or attempting a catch, they are out.


  • Shots directly to the head DO NOT result in an out and are prohibited.

  • Players hit in the head when not in an upright position are out.

  • Deflections hit the player in the head DO result in an out.

  • Repeat offenses / target players head will result in warnings/out/yellow or red cards depending on severity and successive warnings.

The Out-Line

- When a player is out, they should line up on the side of the court in the order in which they are out.

- Players come in on catches in the same order they arrived in the line

Ball Control Explained

  • Games are played with 7 balls. A team has ball control when they have 4 or more of these balls. A team has 15 seconds to give up ball control.

Back Wall

At the start of all games, players must be touching the back wall with some part of their body (hand, foot, butt, etc).

The Center Line

Players can step over the center line only during the initial rush, but doing so any time thereafter means they are out.

Mercy Rule

  •  When a team achieves a 10-point game differential, the game is over and that team wins.
  •  Officials will then mix up teams and start open gym play for the remainder of the allotted game time.

Interaction with Officials

  • Only captains may interact with officials.

Leniency: Boundaries & Exiting the Court

- Players are out if their body touches the floor beyond the center line or across the sidelines.

- A player may not exit to dodge a ball.

- Dodging over the sidelines results in an out.

- Players must exit and re-enter at the back of the court.

- The last player left may not exit the court.

- Plays are only valid if the player has 2 feet in bounds when the play occurs (catches, throws, etc.) 

If a player makes a catch then fall out of bounds due to momentum, their catch counts.

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