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Pickleball Rules

Stonewall Sports Salt Lake City Pickleball will operate under the competition rules and regulations as outlined in the Rulebook and Official Rules as presented by USA Pickleball. The rules below are specific to Stonewall Sports and supersede the rules in the USA Pickleball handbook.

I. Match Time and Number of Sets

A. Each match will be 50 minutes long. Players will complete as many sets to 11 in that period as possible, utilizing rally scoring.

B. A set will be completed when the First team gets to 11 points, by a margin of 2 points. C. Teams will change sides at the completion of every set.

D. Points for each set will be added up at the end of 50 minutes, and the team with the most sets wins the match. Sets should be reported before you leave for the night. 

II. Team Composition

A. The format of play is 2v2

B. A team is formed with a minimum of two (2) registered players and a maximum of four (4) registered players, including the captain. All players must be registered through Stonewall Sports League App. 

C. A team may only have two (2) players competing in a set at a time

1. The team captain should present the lineup of which players are competing in the first set to the other captain at the start of the set.

2. Any combination of players can compete in a set, but substitutions are not allowed to be made in the middle of a set except in case of injury. 

3. If a player is not present at the time when lineups are exchanged, they cannot play until the next set. No players can be added after the beginning of a set.

4. Unregistered players are not allowed to play.

III. The Uniform

A. All players must wear the Stonewall Sports Salt Lake City shirt appropriate to the sport and season.

B. Shirts may be modified for comfort OR style, but the Stonewall logo, websites, and any sponsor logos must not be altered, removed, or obscured in any way.

C. Protective equipment is not required but can be worn if it is not a hazard to other players.

IV. Line call rules

A. There will be no individual judges or referees for games. Rather, league officials/experienced players will be walking around the courts during play. League officials may also be playing on their own teams, FYI. 

B. Each player is responsible for making line calls on their side of the court, according to the officials rules as presented by USA Pickleball. The basic elements of line calling are:

1. A player/team may ask the opponent's opinion to make the call on the players end of the court. If requested and the opponent makes a clear in or out call, it must be accepted. If the opponents cannot make a clear in or out call, then the ball is ruled as being in on the receiving team. The moment the receiving player/team asks for the opponents opinion, they lose their right to make any subsequent in or out calls for that rally. The receiving team/player may also appeal to the court official to make a clear call. If the court officials cannot make a clear call, the outcome of the opponent's call will stand.

V. Starting the game

A. Before the game begins, each team captain will compete in a single game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. The winner has the choice of service or side of the court. The opposing team makes the remaining decision.

1. In Tournament Games, the higher seed has the choice of service or side

B. The team not serving first in the first set shall serve first in the second set. Teams will continue to alternate first serve with each subsequent set played.

C. The serving team will signal they are ready to serve by announcing the score before every serve. Players have 10 seconds after announcing the score to serve the ball.

1. Note: A team will receive only one warning per game for serving before the score is announced.

VI. Interruptions

A. Each team may request a maximum of one time-out per set. All requested time-outs last for 30 seconds. Requested by the requested time-outs last for 30 seconds. Requested by the captain.

B. ONLY captains are allowed to speak to match referees. Captains are allowed to request the Court

Sports or Operations Director for interpretation and judgment calls.

C. If a ball from a neighboring court enters the play area, play will be stopped ONLY if it is judged to be a hazard to active play. Game interruption is at the discretion of the officials. The rally will be replayed.

D. Should a serious accident occur while the ball is in play, the referee must stop the game immediately and permit medical assistance. The rally will be replayed.

1. An injured player is given a maximum of 5 minutes recovery time. If a player is unable to return to play at the conclusion of recovery time, they are ineligible to return during that match.

VII. Misconduct

A. During the game, if a player(s) exhibits any behavior that breaches a rule of the league or the Stonewall Sports organization, verbal warnings and/or removal from the match can be issued by the games referee.

B. Warnings will be issued in 3 stages:

1. Verbal warning to the captain

2. Verbal warning to the individual(s) committing the discretion but enforced for the entire team.

3. Player is removed from the match by the head referee. A substitution for that player may occur as needed.

i. In the event a player is removed from the match, the team may continue to play provided there are at least 4 players remaining on the team.

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