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Pickleball Captains Corner

Captains- If you plan on being the captain of a team, you will need to register first and then have players register under your team name.

 If you plan to create a team you will need to register as a team captain (see above). 

Then you can tell your friends to register as a team player and join your team.

To become one of the official new teams, you must register 4 players.

Total of 48 Teams Maximum. 
Teams may be 4-6 players per team. (only 2 will play at a time)

We are allowing for larger teams in case people can not show up.
A team is complete at 2 players and can secure a T-shirt color then. (see disclaimer below)

If a team registers any players, but more people register as Free Agents, those people may be placed on your team until you reach 4 players total.

Mandatory Captains Meeting

Date: Tuesday September 6th @7pm 

Location and Time: VIA ZOOM (let us know if you don't have the link)

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