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Pickleball Captains Corner

Captains- If you plan on being the captain of a team, you will need to register first and then have players register under your team name. 

You can also use the "manage your team" function to invite players to your team. 

Register up to 4 players per team. We are allowing for larger teams in case people can not show up.

Total of 42 Teams Maximum. 
Games will be scheduled, team v team, 2 players v 2 players.

Teams self-regulate which of their team members play when. 

Free Agents may be placed on your team STARTING THE LAST WEEK OF REGISTRATION until you reach 4 players total. If you don't wish to have one of your team spots filled, please register all of your team members succinctly. 

Highly RECOMMENDED Captains & New Player fun night

Location: The Picklr West Jordan

Time: During the week before official start. We will let you know what night and time. 

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